How can I get a campaign started?

Please reach out to us on influence@winkl.co so that we can help you figure out the right budget based on your objective. Post this, we roll out the campaign on the Winkl app, invite applications from influencers and get the campaign started.

How does the process work?

Once we finalise on objectives and budget, the campaign is largely automated. We roll out applications to influencers on the Winkl app, shortlist based on metrics, share campaign brief and get the campaign started.


I have a fixed budget, what will I be able to achieve with that?

For a fixed budget, we can give you an estimate of the expected performance across platforms. Please get in touch with us on influence@winkl.co

What should be my minimum budget?

We would ideally recommend a minimum budget of Rs. 1 lakh to ensure that the campaign has impact. However, if you have something else in mind, please get in touch with us at influence@winkl.co


What kinds of influencers do you have?

We have influencers across more than 15 categories such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, gaming, entertainment etc., who have audiences on platforms such as Instagram, Youtube etc.

What are the various use cases your influencers can be leveraged for?

You can leverage influencers for various use cases such as content creation, brands awareness and reach, driving website visits & app installs.

Ready to get started?

Schedule a demo to connect with our influencer marketing experts for a personalized walk-through of the platform and the right campaign strategy for you.

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